Sunday, July 20, 2014

Searching The Heart Of A Writer by Ladymermaid

Writers do not save their memories in pictures and videos. Their special moments in time are saved in hastily scribbled notes on little bits and pieces of papers. 

These memories so quickly captured are then just as quickly tossed aside to lie scattered about and patiently waiting to be picked up and reevaluated at a more convenient time.

In these tiny little thoughts and memories lies the basis of blogs, short stories, books, advice columns, newspaper editorials and a look inside the heart of a writer. 

The heart of a writer exists within their work. Each line that is written is filled with the thoughts, emotions, and ideals of that writer. Memories of past events and hopes for future ones all lie buried within the words that are quietly typed onto the keyboard.

From a paper napkin tucked into a jacket pocket at a local restaurant come the words, "He examines her like a scientist would examine a bug under a microscope".

The writer remembers the young couple at the restaurant that night
and the look in their eyes as they gazed at one another, and the emotion forms and the writer's imagination begins to stir. The writers memory stirs to the scene to life and draws emotion and imagination into play as the story is penned.

There is a need to capture the memory, the emotion, the probability of what is to occur, and to make this visible to those who will in the future read this work. 

In a moment of magic the memory transcends to becomes a moment in time that someone else will also be able to feel and enjoy. The vision becomes clear to any who read this written work and it is this that a writer passes on within their work. 

Emotion, imagination, personal insight, and an intuitive perception of what is and what could be emerge within the writing. Buried deep in the words the writer's soul is exposed.

By the writers bed lies a notepad and pen. It waits for any thoughts that might come as he lays in bed waiting for sleep or if he should wake in the middle of the night from a dream that needs to be remembered lest it slip away. 

On the pad are the scribbled words, "She is warm as the sun, her skin is as soft as a newborn kitten, and thankfully she is mine" and he smiles as he remembers the night that he wrote those words. Then he leans over and softly kisses his sleeping wife. This is a writers life.
My name is Lorelei but I am also known under the pen names Ladymermaid. I am an internet writer which is perhaps one of the most enjoyable occupations that I could have imagined having.
My husband and I
If you are interested in writing online there are a number of sites which you can create free web pages on. All you need is an idea, a little creativity, and a few basic writing skills. 

Creating your own webpages can be a great way for you to voice your thoughts or share your favorite recipes.

You can write online to create awareness for your favorite charity or cause or your articles can be a "how to" instructional showing others how to craft or do repairs.

Let your imagination go wild, get out there, and enjoy all the opportunities that blogging now affords internet writers. Let the world know whatever it is that you feel strong enough to write about. You may even make a little money while you are at it.